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Showcase your music

Fans can listen to music on the go

  • Fans can stream your music
  • Universal music player better for user experience
  • Integrates fully with iTunes
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Get fans to come out

  • Let your fans know where and when you're playing
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  • Sell tickets directly in the App
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Get fans involved

Let fans do the sharing for you

  • Fans can share songs, photos, videos, shows
  • Share on Twitter via Tweets
  • Share on Facebook via status updates
  • Participation increases overall fan loyalty

And much more...

All of your multimedia content

  • Fans can watch YouTube videos
  • Read in-depth news or blog posts
  • Pull in Official and Band Member Tweets
  • Links to MySpace, Facebook, Merch Store, and more

Easy to manage

Robust Content Management System

  • Update the content on your App instantly
  • We give you usage statistics
  • Interact with fans via push notifications
  • Single entry point, multiple platforms (coming soon)

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