Sound Around Privacy Policy

Sound Around, Inc. ("Sound Around") provides this Privacy Policy document to inform our users about the policies and procedures followed by Sound Around with regard to the collection, use, and disclosure of data and information collected. Sound Around collects information from users of our website, published mobile applications ("Apps"), and client portal (collectively referred to as "Services"). By using any of our Services, you consent to the collection, storage, archiving, transfer, and other uses of your information as described in the Sound Around Privacy Policy.

Information Gathering and Usage

Information Collected Upon Registration: As part of the account registration process for any of our Services, you may be asked to provide personally-identifiable information such as full name, phone number, email address, birthdate, gender, and affiliate organization. Some of this information (such as affiliate organization) may be made public and searchable on the Sound Around website.

Additional Information: Sound Around will collect names and email addresses of individuals contacting us via phone or email address regardless of if they have registered an account or not.

Log Data: Sound Around's servers automatically collect and record information ("Log Data") about visitors of our Services for statistics and usage tracking. Examples of collected information include, but are not limited to, internet protocol address, browser user agent, referring domain, search entries, and features of the Services that were visited.

Cookies: the Services employ the use of browser "Cookies". Cookies are small files transferred to your hard drive for use in record-keeping of session information, preserving browsing behavior, web traffic routing, and to generally improve the Services. The use of a browser capable and enabled to accept cookies is required to use the Services.

Mobile Device Information: Sound Around collects information and data for the users of our Apps. Items automatically collected include, but are not limited to, mobile device type, operating system version, App version, push notification key, and time of day accessed. Location information will be collected only after express consent has been given by the user in order order to access additional App functionality available only to those users providing their location information. Location data is collected in the form of specific GPS coordinates with a horizontal accuracy component as provided by the hardware components of the mobile device.

Security: Sound Around utilizes industry-standard hardware and software mechanisms to protect and preserve all data collected and recorded by the Services from unauthorized access or modification.

Information Sharing & Disclosure

With Consent: Personally-identifying information may be shared with third party applications only after users' express permission has been given to do so. Sound Around will also provide mechanisms for you to add, modify, or remove such permissions at any time, with or without cause, and with no liability in any form to the third party service provider.

Service Providers: Sound Around uses third party service and hosting providers to provide the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to ensure proper development and operation of the Services. You retain all rights to all media and information submitted to the Services. Additionally, such third party service and hosting providers may not be located within the city, state, or country in which submitted media was authored, produced, or is legally able to be distributed. The use of the Services implies consent for your submitted materials to be stored and delivered from locations and technologies chosen by the sole discretion of Sound Around.

For Business: Your personally-identifiable information may be transferred to another entity in the event of Sound Around participating in a bankruptcy filing, merger with another entity, or acquisition by another entity. Sound Around will provide notice of such event at least 30 days prior to your personally-identifiable information being transferred.

Lawful Compliance: Sound Around may, at its sole discretion, disclose personally-identifiable information or user data in order to lawfully comply with a legal summon such as a court subpoena or search warrant. Additionally, submitted materials are subject to removal, with or without warning, upon receipt of a DMCA takedown notice regarding infringement of copyrighted materials. The use of the Services implies that you have the legal right to distribute materials submitted to the Services, and that you give express authorization for Sound Around to redistribute the submitted items as part of the Services.

Public and Non-Identifying Information: Sound Around may share your public or non-identifying information, as well as aggregated and recorded user data, search items, and behavior while participating in any of the Services.

Modifying your Personal Information

Sound Around will provide users with tools and mechanisms to add, modify, or delete personally-identifiable information. Usage of such tools to remove personally-identifiable information may result in the closing of your account with or without warning.

Policy Toward Children

Sound Around does not knowingly collect personally-identifiable information of individuals younger than 13 years of age. In the event that Sound Around discovers that it has obtained personally-identifiable information of an individual younger than 13 years of age, the information will be immediately destroyed and the user account will be immediately terminated. Parents or guardians aware of children under the age of 13 that have registered accounts with Sound Around may contact us at to expedite the removal process.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change, with or without notice, in order to accommodate changes in the Services. Sound Around will attempt to notify all users of significant changes in the privacy policy after they have been published on the Sound Around website at 

Contact and Questions

Any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy may be directed to .